This salmon and potato salad is an absolute winning combo, and all the better with crusty bread!

I’ve always loved smoked salmon, ever since I was a little kid. As I grew up living above my parents’ pub, I could pretty much choose whatever I wanted for my packed lunch so I would ask Mum for extra smoked salmon sandwiches, saying that I was a growing boy. But instead of eating them myself I used to sell them to other kids at school. What a great son!

Anyway, this is a great little recipe – smoked salmon, potatoes and horseradish are best mates, so you can’t go wrong! There are two key things to remember, though. The first is that you must try to get hold of some good-quality smoked salmon. Some supermarkets now offer a selection of wonderful smoked salmon with fantastic flavour and texture, without being too oily. The second is that it’s best to dress your potatoes while they’re still warm, so they suck up all the lovely juices. Let them cool down in the dressing before adding any fresh herbs or they’ll wilt and lost their flavour.