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Pomegranate & chicken stew

It might sound like a strange ingredient, but the pomegranate brings a tomato and chicken stew to life. Recipe by Andy Harris You can buy pomegranate molasses in large supermarkets, delis or Middle Eastern shops – or make your own by simmering pomegranate juice until thick and sticky.


Vegan Mushroom, Chestnut & Cranberry Tart

This tart is perfect for Christmas – make it the day before and heat through once dinner’s nearly ready. If you can’t get wild mushrooms, use more chestnut ones. Recipe by Pippa Kendrick


Crispy Skinned Mackerel

Mackerel is incredibly versatile and extremely good for you – I love it in this sweet, spicy sauce


Herb Marinated Chicken

This quick and easy marinated chicken is perfect for barbecues or just a tasty, easy dinner anytime


Asparagus Soup

This silky-smooth asparagus soup is a delight with the crunch of the toast and gooey egg A fantastically simple asparagus soup, pureéd till it’s silky smooth, is always a winner. Delicious eaten hot (or cold on really hot days with the help of a little lemon juice). The poached egg on toast makes it for […]


Grilled Cauliflower & Winter Pesto

Here cauliflower is teamed with pesto-spiked white bean mash and crispy onions. The pesto will keep for about a week in the fridge.


Tea Party Fairy Cakes

These cute fairy cakes are brilliant for kids’ parties (and grown-ups too!) and good fun to decorate


Vegetarian Nut Roast

Recipe by Emma Goss-Custard This is Emma’s innovative twist on the standard vegetarian Christmas offering – the dreaded nut roast. With her roasted veg, crispy potatoes and redcurrant gravy, this tart is an absolute blinder.


BBQ Pork Fillets

A real taste of the South, these properly juicy BBQ pork fillet skewers are smoking hot Although it’s hard to define what “proper” American cooking is, I’ve been inspired by the food from the Deep South, where there is an incredible amount of smoking, salting, barbecuing and spit-roasting going on – really intelligent cooking. This […]