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Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie

This gluten-free pumpkin pie is my twist on the classic American dessert – lightly spiced and totally delicious


Vegetarian Enchiladas

Filled with grilled veg, cumin-fried black beans and fresh coriander, and baked until bubbling and golden, this Mexican classic is super comforting


Best Pasta Salad

This fragrant pasta salad is the best in summer – just the thing for a light lunch or barbecue


Pork belly buns

This dish is inspired by the mega chef and all-round good guy David Chang from Momofuku. These wicked buns are one of his most popular dishes, yet he’s totally humble about them – tender pork belly, simple wheat buns, pickles and sauce are ultimately the sum of them, but they’re delicious. You’ll need to start […]


Venison Pie

After all these years, a beautifully rich venison pie with mushrooms still gets my pulse racing This is a beautiful pie and the kind of dish that makes me dream of good home cooking. We’re filling the pie with venison, which will cook to be delicious, tender and sumptuous. After all these years of cooking, […]


Rolled shoulder of lamb

Great for get-togethers, carve this rolled shoulder of lamb at the table and let everyone dig in Lamb is such a fantastic thing to cook because you can’t go too wrong with the cooking time – no matter whether you overcook it or take it out slightly too early, it will still be wicked! Using […]


Chargrilled Pork Escalopes

Delicious, healthy and super-quick, these juicy pork escalopes with dressed greens and shavings of pecorino are definitely worth a try


Breakfast Pancakes

Once you’ve tried this fluffy American-style one-cup pancake recipe you’ll want them every day These are the fluffiest, loveliest American-style pancakes ever. My girls ask me for them all the time and I get big brownie points whenever I make them. The recipe couldn’t be easier to remember and what’s brilliant about it is that […]


Smoked Salmon and Potato Cakes

These crispy, grated potato cakes are an absolute dream topped with the soft-boiled eggs


Kedgeree Recipe

The best of British meets Indian spice, this old colonial breakfast dish is great any time of day


Gennaro’s Pasta Frittata

Delicious hot or cold, pasta frittata is a great way of using up leftover pasta and it’s super quick to make


Simple Tuna Bucatini

Anchovies and tomatoes are a match made in heaven in this summery pasta dish – with tuna and a zesty hit of lemon thrown in, you will love it!