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Sausage Carbonara

If you like sausages and eggs (who doesn’t!) you’ll go mad for this twist on classic carbonara This is like having a breakfast dish of pasta and it is absolutely delicious! If you are a fan of sausages and eggs you’ll love this combination. Not only does it look impressive but it’s so quick to […]


Birthday Cake

It ain’t a party without a homemade chocolate cake – this one’s always a hit with the kids Everyone needs a reliable party cake, and this is mine. It looks the business, is delicious served with cream and even has some fresh fruit in it. It’ll keep for a day, so you can make it […]


Tomato Bruschetta

Sweet, seasonal tomatoes and basil are such a perfect pair, and make this simple bruschetta recipe sing


Chicken & Butternut Squash

A roast dinner is too good to save for Sundays – this roast chicken rocks any day of the week


Tortellini in brodo

This is one of Emilia-Romagna’s typical dishes. It’s not the classic version (with pork loin, one egg, butter and sometimes white wine), but a variation taken from the area between Modena and Reggio Emilia. The rezdore of Emilia used to do the sfoglia by hand, but now they use a food processor.


Barbecued Langoustines

Langoustines are more expensive than prawns, but worth it as they’re super tasty.



Dab fish is a little bit like lemon sole, and succulent and sweet when cooked on the bone like this



All you need to make celeriac really special is a little bit of olive oil and some lovely herbs This is the most underrated vegetable in the whole of the United Kingdom. It’s available in every single supermarket, we walk past it all the time, and yet we still take no notice of it. It’s […]


Christmas Jerk Gravlax

Curing your own fish is seriously easy, and something you can prep in advance. This spiced version adds a real festive vibe – and guys, if you have enough rum, do use it to rinse off your cure, as it gives the flavour extra depth. This makes a great brunch with some gorgeous bread.


Hot & Sour Soup

With egg ribbons, tofu and shitake mushrooms, this is a deliciously warming veggie soup


Hit ‘n’ run traybaked chicken

Everyone needs a hit ’n’ run recipe like this – it’s the kind of fallback meal you can enjoy when prep time isn’t on your side. It’s simply a case of putting together a combination of ingredients that really love each other, then just tearing, mixing, marinating and baking. It’s super quick to prepare, and […]