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Creamy Mushroom Vol-au-Vents

These are freestyle vol-au-vents, so don’t worry about scoring the edges first. Keep leftover pastry from the packet to use another time.


Sweet Tamales

Mexican tamales can be sweet like these ones or savoury – either way, they’re little bundles of joy At a fantastic out-of-the-way Mexican restaurant called El Metate in Gallup, New Mexico, the very sweet owner, Rebecca, taught me how to make proper Mexican tamales. To see her teaching me how to make these, watch the […]


Vodka Martini

There are endless debates about how to make a martini cocktail. We keep it traditional but disagree with James Bond – serve it stirred, not shaken.


How to Cook Peas

An easy way to jazz up fresh or frozen peas, with just a few simple ingredients


Mussel Linguine

Nonno Contaldo is my mentor Gennaro’s dad, but as far as Nonno is concerned, he thinks I’m his grandson! (You can make of that what you will!). I was really surprised to find out that Nonno lives by himself, and I was very impressed to hear that he still cooks for himself every day; although […]


Kugelhopf Recipe

A soft sponge with warming hints of cardamom, this spiced fruit cake is found in Austria, Alsace, Germany and Switzerland.


Traditional Welsh Cawl

The national dish of Wales, cawl is super-comforting, warming and delicious This traditional Welsh recipe was given to me by the five-time cawl-making world champion, Sue Jones – I can’t argue with that! This one is left to chill overnight before serving, but if you want to let the flavours develop and mature, leave it […]


Tom Collins

The first Tom Collins recipe was written by the father of modern cocktail making, Jerry Thomas. It’s a simple mix of gin, lemon and sugar syrup, shaken over ice.


Rosemary Flat bread

A few nips and tucks here and there and my basic bread recipe makes these incredible flatbreads After the dough has doubled in size, you need to knock the air out of it by bashing it around for a minute. Now it’s ready to be transformed into pizzas or flatbreads.


Antipasti of mozzarella

This simple antipasti is bursting with flavour and looks beautiful, yet is totally effortless This simple antipasti is bursting with flavour and looks beautiful, yet is totally effortless