Random recipes


Pukka Yellow Curry

‘Pukka’ is an Indian word for the real deal or authenticity, hence the name of this dish. It’s not because I’m a cocky Essex boy, nor, as some not-so-nice journalists once said, because of my annoying ‘estuary accent’ (whatever that means). Anyway, this curry is delicious – the meat falls off the bone, it’s great […]


Ultimate quesadillas

The trick with quesadillas is to keep the filling really simple, then go a bit mad with your sides.


Stuffed Porchetta

Gennaro makes a mean porchetta – and trust me, if you like roast pork chops, you’ll devour this Gennaro makes a mean stuffed porchetta. It looks and tastes beautiful, but don’t be intimidated because it’s really not hard to do at all. Get your butcher to butterfly the meat for you then make this beautiful […]


Coleslaw Recipe

Coleslaw is something most of us have grown up eating, yet a lot of the time it must have been made so badly! With this in mind, I want to bring it back with a vengeance. I’ve used yoghurt instead of mayonnaise to bind the vegetables because it not only tastes better, in my opinion, […]


Tuna tartare

This is something you have to try. Use insanely fresh fish and each bite will be a real wake-up for the senses. If beautiful fresh fish inspires you like it does me, this is something you have to try. You’ll get small, dainty portions, but each bite will be a real wake-up for the senses. […]


Greek vegetable kebabs

The cute little kebabs are such a fun way to get your little ones eating their veggies.


Southern Fried Chicken

This is an incredible fried chicken recipe, one that I subtly evolved from that of my dear friend Art Smith This is an incredible fried chicken recipe, one that I’ve subtly evolved from that of my dear friend Art Smith, one of the kings of southern American comfort food. I’ve finished the chicken in the […]


Beef Carpaccio

A good beef carpaccio practically melts in your mouth and is absolutely packed with flavour Carpaccio is very thinly sliced raw meat. I like mine Italian-style, with the meat sliced a little more thickly. This makes it a bit more rustic and you can really taste the quality of the meat. I also like to […]


Bread Sauce

This fresh, homemade bread sauce recipe is so quick and simple to make, it’d be rude not to! It’s always worth making your own bread sauce – it’s so easy. Don’t think you can cheat and use a shop-bought one; it just won’t taste the same.


Mexican breakfast

The Mexican name for this dish is ‘huevos rancheros’ – eggs with chillies, tomatoes and peppers in burritos. It’s absolutely great if you’ve got a few mates round, and even better if you’ve got a hangover you’re trying to shake off. If you wanted to take this dish one step further, for a late brunch […]


Basil & Balsamic Dressing

This herby balsamic dressing with toasted pine nuts really makes simple salads sing