Random recipes


Basil gnudi

Make the day before for the perfect flavour, and buy the best ricotta you can Recipe by Georgina Hayden


Tomato Soup & Basil

Making your own tasty tomato soup is so easy! Give it your own spin with extra herbs and spices If your tomato plants are groaning under the weight of all their ripe fruit, or even if you’ve just got some over-ripe tomatoes to use up, then this is a great soup to have up your […]


Scallops & Winter Salad

The richness of the black pudding is magic with the clean taste of the scallops – delicious! When I make this, I try to get my hands on the best diver-caught scallops from Scotland. They’re at their best when the water is really cold, and if there’s a good fishmonger near you they should be […]


Chicken & Vegetable Soup

This chicken soup is chock full of goodness and flavour, and it’s super filling too


Beautiful Berry Cocktail

Party guests will be well impressed with this fruity berry cocktail – and it’s a breeze to mix up


Pecan Pie

Beautiful pecans and wicked bourbon whiskey molasses make this quintessentially Southern American dessert out of this world. Thanks to the existence of the mighty Mississippi River, there are loads of beautiful bayous right across the state of Louisiana (these are basically streams or creeks, but they’re not like any streams or creeks I’ve seen in […]


Chicken in Milk

Trust me, you’re going to love this one – the milk creates the most amazing flavoursome sauce