Random recipes


Southern Fried Chicken

This is an incredible fried chicken recipe, one that I subtly evolved from that of my dear friend Art Smith This is an incredible fried chicken recipe, one that I’ve subtly evolved from that of my dear friend Art Smith, one of the kings of southern American comfort food. I’ve finished the chicken in the […]


Chocolate Truffles

The beauty of this truffle recipe is that your guests can get involved and make their own These are deconstructed chocolate truffles and if you arrange this nicely on a table, put a few cocktail sticks next to them and let people get stuck in and make their own, I’m telling you, you’ll have some […]


Broccoli Salad

I tested this delicious broccoli salad on some big ranching blokes and they loved it – enough said One of the cowgirls I met said she struggled for ideas at mealtimes because the men weren’t overly keen on eating veg. However, she did say one of the things they would eat was broccoli salad. Every […]


Spaghetti aglio, olio & spring greens

The simplest, loveliest pasta we can think of. Fresh garlic (aglio), good oil (olio) and great parmesan are key.


Tuna Meatballs

Made with fresh fish, herbs and spices, these tuna meatballs are just as tasty as the meaty version Just about everyone I know is a fan of meatballs, so I thought I’d give you a recipe for these as they are something a little different. I’ve seen them made in Sicily in the same way, […]


Rosemary & Potato Pizza

You’ve just got to try the classic Italian flavours of this delicious herby, potato pizza topping


Cornish Pasty Recipe

This Cornish pasty recipe is my tribute to the British miners who took our classic to the US Marcy Tatarka, an absolutely lovely cook I met in Wyoming, was full of all sorts of local food knowledge. She told me that people in this part of America are really into their pasties! Turns out that […]


Steak & Cheese Pie

This pie is a real winner! As it uses bought puff pastry, it’s quick to prepare, and you can make the filling the day before if you want. For a bit of a treat you could use 500g of pastry and line the bottom of the pie dish – just make sure you cook it […]