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Macaroni Cheese

‘Mac ’n’ cheese’ is a classic American pasta dish – everyone loves it. Sometimes it’s done so badly in the convenience area, it’s almost become famous for being horrible, but when you do it properly, trust me, it’s an absolute killer. Feel free to use any tubular pasta you want. I’ve made this dish my […]


Baked Cannelloni

Try these simple cannelloni – they’re great as a vegetarian alternative.

World Cuisine


Gluten Free Biscotti

These gluten-free Italian biscuits are the perfect Christmas treat


Pork Stuffing

Freshly minced pork makes the best stuffing ever and really gives your roast dinner some oomph


Aji de Gallina

Thickened with nuts and bread, this creamy chicken dish is super-tasty

Dish type


Mini Pizzas with Hidden Veg Sauce

My mini pizzas are fantastic for those who struggle to get their kids to eat their veggies – the sauce is just brilliant because it’s jam-packed full of good stuff and the kids will never know!


Sesame Roasted Kale

Another one to convert doubters, kale has such a different quality when roasted, compared to boiled. It goes crisp and crackly in some parts, and tender in others. An easy side with a subtle Asian flavour.


Rosemary Flat bread

A few nips and tucks here and there and my basic bread recipe makes these incredible flatbreads After the dough has doubled in size, you need to knock the air out of it by bashing it around for a minute. Now it’s ready to be transformed into pizzas or flatbreads.

Main ingredient


Roast carrot & fennel soup

A sweet and aromatic soup with super-easy flatbreads for dunking Recipe by Alice Hart


Chicken Broth

When I get a bad case of man flu, this simple twist on chicken soup perks me right up


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